Shoe with laces - Orchard Collection - PlanToys
Learn to tie shoelaces with this training shoe from Plan Toys! Stimulate fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as you practice, so you can tie your own shoes one day. Suitable from 3 years.
Wooden toy cooking set - PlanToys
This golden kitchen set from PlanToys contains three pans, one with a lid, a spatula and a ladle. The set is made of metal and wood. Make the tastiest dishes! Suitable from 2 years.
Wooden safari animals - PlanToys
Turn your home into a small jungle with this cute set of wild animals from PlanToys. This set includes a lion, elephant, zebra and giraffe. Suitable from 12 months.
Wooden toy fruit set - PlanToys
Make a healthy meal in your kitchen with this wooden fruit set from PlanToys. The set includes a cutting board, knife and 5 sliced fruits - orange, lemon, kiwi, strawberry and apple. Suitable from 18 months.
bread set - wooden bread set - plantoys
Are you throwing a family brunch or preparing a picnic in the park? Take the Bread Set with you to complete your meal! This playset includes a bagel, 4 detachable sandwiches, a pretzel, croissant, cuttable baguette, knife and cloth bag...
Submarine bath toy - PlanToys
Dive deep and explore the underwater world! Submerge the submarine in the water. Encourage imaginative play. From 12 months.
tableware set - wooden tableware - plantoys
This wooden tableware set from Plantoys contains two plates, spoons, forks, knives, cups and bowls to make your mini's kitchen even more fun! This set helps develop language, communication and social skills through interactive and imaginative play. Invite kids to...
Wooden farm animals - PlanToys
The farm set from PlanToys consists of a pig, a sheep, a cow and a horse. Stimulate imaginative play and build your own farm with the farm animals. Suitable from 12 months.
Oval xylophone - PlanToys
This wooden xylophone from PlanToys has five colorful sound tiles that promote hand-eye coordination while playing. Get acquainted with the wooden instruments from Plan Toys, also fun to combine in interplay. Please note that this is a toy that is...
Wooden Dino set - PlanToys
This wooden dino set from PlanToys provides hours of imaginative play and comes with a Diplodocus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus. Suitable from 12 months.
My first camera - Orchard Collection - PlanToys
The PlanToys camera creates a new view of the environment. Look through the camera's viewfinder and see the world through the kaleidoscope lens! Suitable from 18 months.
My first phone - Orchard Collection - PlanToys
Call with the PlanToys telephone! The magnifying screen and colorful buttons are beautiful details of this interactive toy. The phone helps develop dexterity and cognitive skills, ideal for imaginative play. Suitable from 12 months.
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Victorian dollhouse - PlanToys
This wooden dollhouse from PlanToys has 3 floors including the attic. Each floor is accessible with opening panels and realistic sliding windows that slide open and closed. The attic space can be furnished completely to your own taste. Note:Furniture and...
€368,00 €348,95
Underwater world bath set - PlanToys
Splash and create waves in the bath with this set. Plenty of fun! Let them float on the water or spray the water out. Set of 4 animals:shell, starfish, turtle and dolphin. From 6 months.
race n play - wooden parking garage - plantoys
With the wooden race n play parking garage, your little one can park his/her own cars! The garage comes with a helipad on the top floor and multiple parking spaces for even more fun. The black exterior provides endless creativity...
Toy crane set - PlanToys
This set from PlanToys consists of a crane, construction sign, street danger sign, concrete mixer and 2 figures of a foreman and worker. The pulley allows the crane to be rotated 360 degrees and loaded with building materials. Suitable from...
Fruit and vegetable set - PlanToys
This set from PlanToys consists of 5 colorful rubberwood fruits and vegetables that are pigmented with water-based and natural dyes that are free from harmful chemicals. The soft edges make each piece child-friendly and safe for free play. Suitable from...
Wooden castle blocks - Orchard Collection - PlanToys
Let your imagination run wild and build a medieval fantasy world with a working catapult, a king, a queen, a knight, two horses and a flying dragon! The set consists of 47 parts, suitable from 3 years.
Wooden toy fruit set - PlanToys
Make a healthy meal in your kitchen with this wooden fruit set from PlanToys. The set includes a cutting board, knife and 5 sliced fruits - orange, lemon, kiwi, strawberry and apple. Suitable from 18 months.
Wooden toy food and drink set - PlanToys
Food and drink play set made of wood with honey, jam, ketchup, orange juice, milk and water. This allows children to realistically recreate their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pretend play with the Food and Drink Set develops children's creative thinking,...
Wooden toy 5-color vegetable set - PlanToys
The PlanToys 5-color vegetable set consists of a knife and 5 sliceable vegetables:broccoli, bell pepper, pumpkin, garlic, and red cabbage. Children can learn about the benefits of each colored vegetable. Tactile details ensure realistic play.
Wooden car track - PlanToys
Expand your play world with this wooden set. Bring the city to life with the roads, a bridge, a car, a traffic light and four bushes. The set consists of 34 pieces and is suitable from 3 years.
Walk & Roll - Orchard Collection - PlanToys
As the wheel spins, the wooden balls inside hit the panels and create a fun sound. This stimulates children to walk further, in a playful way. Suitable from 12 months.
Beehive - Orchard Collection - PlanToys
Stimulate fine motor skills with the wooden game from Plan Toys. Place the colored bees in the matching beehive and practice color recognition and counting. Suitable from 3 years.

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