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After the Mopitri climbing frame, there is now also the Fipitria !Stimulate the creativity, agility and mobility of your little adventurer with this fantastic climbing frame, suitable from 1 year.

This customizable climbing frame with 5 elements is a patented construction that supports the development of motor skills and balance, based on the Emmi Pikler pedagogy. The Fipitri of Ette Tete is a larger version of Mopitri (it has 4 sections) and offers even more space for your child, both below and above the climbing frame.

This Fipitri is including 1 slide/ramp (comes with 2 attachment straps).

Change the shape of the climbing frame every time you play - lower or steeper triangle, house-shaped or flat - adapt the climbing challenges to the developmental stage and the possibilities of your child. For even more fun, you can even add an extra ramp/slide!

why we love it?

  • Curiosity - discover new ways to climb and different ways to play every day
  • Creativity - every climb is a different adventure
  • Social sharing - the triangle can be shared with other children at the same time
  • Fun - discovering the slide is a lot of fun
  • Gross Motor - develop strength and mobility in arms, legs, back and other muscle groups
  • Independence - your child will play more and more without your involvement
  • Durable and plastic free - Birch plywood with child resistant paint or varnish, metal closures and rod, and no plastic in the packaging

  • Maximum load capacity is 50 kg.

    From 1 year ; the slope is easily adjustable, making it a fun discovery for the little ones in a safe way. This piece can grow with your child.

    With this Fipitri, your child can practice physical activities and also develop decision-making skills. Each climb is an exercise and a puzzle at the same time. Fipitri from Ette Tete makes this activity a safe and highly entertaining activity for your child. The ramp can be used as climbing aid, as a slide or as a bridge The options are endless with this Pikler!

    The width of the climbing frame is 80 cm.

    Each segment is 37.3 cm long. The dimensions of the frame depend on the position - the highest position is 60 cm high.

    The dimensions of the sliding and climbing slope are: 40*117 cm - width, length.

    Material: Birch plywood (ramp and side planks - lacquered), birch rods (untreated).

    Treatment: Water-based UV varnish

    Do you have a question?Ask Emma

    What is a pikler triangle?

    A pikler is a triangular, indoorclimbing frame developed by pediatrician Emmi Pikler. It's a genius design! The solid triangle shape has the perfect proportions to allow young children to pull themselves up. It keeps toddlers active and curious, while learning how to climb safely. After a while, it becomes the center of their imaginary game. The structure is designed to give children the opportunity to learn how their bodies can move in different ways and thus develop their motor and cognitive skills.

    When can your child learn to discover the pikler?

    It may sound crazy, this is possible from birth! Of course you can't crawl on it yet, but you can put a baby nest under the pikler and somenice cellphones orrattles hang on the bars. From 6 months, most babies can straighten up, which is an ideal time to introduce the pikler. Depending on your baby's development, he or she may use the triangle to pull up to a standing position and may even attempt to climb. Always under supervision of course. Your child will gradually gain confidence in his/her own body, so that he or she is little by little more daring and able.

    How do you play with a pikler triangle?

    A pikler triangle allows children to climb, crawl and slide. It also stimulates children's imagination. As children develop, they will interpret the climbing frame in many different ways. Give your child the freedom, they will find countless ways to play with the Pikler Mopitri. Of course as a classic climbing frame with slide, this one always works well. Would you like some extra inspiration? Some ways to use The Ette Tete climbing frame:
    A mountain - climb to the top
    A tunnel
    A drying rack for doll clothes
    A cozy nest to read
    A tent or bear cave - throw a sheet over it and make it cozy dark
    A car race track
    A pirate ship with plank
    A catwalk forteddy bears
    A garage for favoritecars and buses
    As a parent you can adjust the pikler to different shapes with the wooden rotary knobs. Countless positions are possible.

    Emmi Pikler's Philosophy

    The Pikler was designed and manufactured completely in line with all safety standards. We definitely recommend using it under supervision, with remote supervision. Usually children only climb as high as they feel safe and comfortable. If an adult intervenes, a child will often reach heights that they could not physically reach on their own, and will be more likely to 'get stuck'. Trust that your child enjoys the triangle at his/her own pace, and enjoy what he or she can handle at that moment. The Pikler was developed by pediatrician Emmi Pikler. According to her philosophy, “what a child can do at a given moment is the perfect thing for him/her to do”. As children become more confident in their own abilities, they will become much more self-aware physically. They learn to understand their body and themselves - the triangle will help them do this in a safe and familiar way.

    Pikler & Montessori

    The Pikler is often used in the context of Montessori philosophy. It is based on the idea of allowing the child to develop naturally through freedom of movement and exploration. In Montessori, a child is allowed to explore and learn various activities including gross motor skills and practical living. A Pikler triangle is made of natural materials and stimulates this development, which means that it fits very well with the Montessori philosophy. All"open ended" toys allowing a child to use their own imagination fits perfectly with the philosophy of both Emmi Pikler and Montessori.

    Pikler Mopitri of Ette Tete

    The Pikler is available in two versions:the pikler Mopitri of Ette Tete andthe pikler Fipitri of Ette Tete. The Mopitri is an adjustable climbing frame that consists of four elements. Change the shape of the climbing triangle regularly so that your child discovers new things and skills every time. Lower or steep triangle, house-shaped or flat, or maybe two small triangles, the imagination is limitless. Let your child take charge of shaping the Mopitri.With an extra element, you can easily turn the Mopitri into a Fipitri from 5 elements.

    Pikler Fipitri of Ette Tete

    The difference between the Mopitri and the Fipitri of Ette Tete? The number of elements. The Mopitri consists of 4 customizable elements, the Fipitri consists of 5 elements. So with the Fipitri you have more options to make a higher triangle. All Ette Tete piklers are made from FSC-certified birch plywood, with child-resistant paint or varnish. The Fipitri and Mopitri are available in natural wood color and fit perfectly into any interior. They are made to last for generations.

    The accessories of a pikler triangle

    Endless fun with your pikler triangle. In addition to an extra element to turn your 4-piece Mopitri into a 5-piece Fipitri, there are a number of accessories that fit perfectly with your climbing frame. You can choose to have adisaster to be mounted on your Pikler. Is it a climbing aid or a slide Or both At Hello Archie you have the option to purchase your Mopitri or Fipitri including slide or ramp. Other nice items in combination with your Pikler:: grapat marbles, cars, anice blanket to layer over or combine with other open ended toys to further stimulate your child's imagination..

    Your Pikler at Hello Archie

    Giving your child all the freedom to discover and develop with pleasure, the Pikler is the perfect item to grow while playing.
    The Learning Towers and Ette Tete's Pikler triangle fit perfectly within this philosophy. Have fun exploring!

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