Cuddly goose with cherry stone heating pad - Small - White - Senger Naturwelt

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This soft white goose made of organic cotton from Senger Natural World is not only a beautiful cuddly toy for your child, with its double function as a heating pad or cooling during warm nights, this is our all-time favorite!

The belly of this goose is filled with a pillow of grape or cherry seeds - you can take out this pillow with the zipper, reheat in the oven or put in the freezer . You use the heating pad against colic or cold nights, as a cooling element it is ideal during warm summer evenings.

You can use the heating pad warm up in the oven .
Remove the pillow from the belly of the cuddly toy through the zipper. Preferably heat it in the oven for 3 to 5 minutes at 75C (or if there is no oven in the microwave for half to 1 minute at max. 600W, it is best to turn it over half the time. repeat until heated through. Always follow the instructions to avoid burning the seeds!).
Leave the pillow in place for a short while so that the heat can spread. Then place the pillow back in the goose, for a nice warm glow.

Wash you can easily remove a stain with lukewarm water, or hand wash for a full wash (preferably not in the washing machine, as temperature changes can cause the lambswool to shrink).
Always make sure to remove the cushion before washing the goose!

The head and legs are filled with lambswool and the fur of this goose is made of organic cotton , all natural materials without harmful substances . If your child puts this in his/her mouth, it is absolutely completely safe.

All set to become your little one's favorite friend!

Material: Cotton, Lambswool, Grape or Cherry pits, Zipper
47 x 37 x 11cm
OKO - tex standard 100

The Senger Naturwelt goose is available in ecru or grey, both in small or large - a cuddly friend for young and old!

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